Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q4 2022)

Concierge: Deaven Golding

Patient Name: Vicki

Patient Age: 53

Admission Date: 10/28/2022

Admitted From: St. Thomas Midtown Hospital

D/C Date: 12/26/22

D/C Location: Home with daughter

Length of stay: 59 days

Reason for stay: Fracture to right femur due to falling

How did this patient hear about Bethany Center? The case manager at the hospital

Details of experience:

Vicki was admitted to Bethany Center after a several-night stay at St. Thomas Midtown. She was admitted to the ER with complaints of right leg pain after continually falling at home. She was given IV narcotics due to severe pain and had several X-rays done on her right leg. Vicki had a knee replacement in 2008 and has worn a brace on and off ever since.

Vicki had stayed at Bethany Center a few months prior, so she was already acquainted with the community and a few of the staff members upon arrival. Upon admission, she was greeted by the admissions nurse and Director of Concierge Services. Those team members helped her get settled into her room, unpack her belongings and complete their initial evaluations. Vicki shared she was mostly independent at home prior to being in the hospital. She lives with her daughter and utilizes her help with a few tasks but can complete most chores on her own. She shared that one of her goals was to “be able to be mobile and play with my grandkids again.”

After being assessed by our highly trained therapy team, they knew she would benefit from PT and OT services. During her initial assessment, she was using a wheelchair for mobility and could not bear any weight on her right leg. She was very anxious and excited to start her therapy journey. Vicki participated in therapy 6x a week for one hour a day. When she was not in therapy, you could find her participating in group activities or doing her chair exercises in her room. She was consistently working with her therapists on transfers, personal hygiene tasks, and mobility and gradually working her way up to ambulating with her walker. 

After several weeks of therapy and Vicki’s drive to reach her goals, she was able to ambulate with her rollator and meet the rest of her specific goals assigned to her by her therapy team. Nearing discharge, the Director of Concierge Services met with Vicki to discuss her stay at Bethany Center.

Vicki stated, “my therapy team was incredible and helped me more than I could’ve imagined! Everyone was so welcoming and nice to me during my stay – 10/10!” We are so pleased to hear Vicki had a great stay and wish her the best on her journey home!