“Bethany Center is truly a special place that puts the “care” in healthcare. We appreciate every smile, therapy session, thoughtful roommate match, assessment, laugh, song, wheelchair push to the activity room, clean space, front-desk greeting, follow-up call, and other gestures designed to ensure our mom was safe and nurtured and we were supported.

We were new to the rehab world, and your team walked us through each step in the process, addressed gaps in service, and never made us feel like a burden, nor took our concerns personally. We are thankful for your patience and empathy. She is improving and becoming stronger every day.

What you do matters to families like ours who depend on you for our sanity and our loved ones’ safety. — The family of Mrs. Clementine K.

“All the staff have been very kind to my mother since she arrived at Bethany Center in November of 2019. During these difficult times, I have had to rely on the amazing staff members, who I now consider a part of my family, to care for my mother while I have been separated from her during this lockdown. They have made this time as bearable as possible for us both. I truly believe that she is in the best possible hands she can be in. I know that they go above and beyond to give her the best possible care, along with a lot of love.” – Cynthia B.

“On Christmas day I went to the ER not feeling well. After hours of waiting, I was informed I had the flu. They immediately transported me to the ICU to be treated. I stayed in the hospital for a total of six weeks, where I was in a coma for five of those weeks. Later, I found out I also had pneumonia. I was then transported over to Bethany Center unable to walk, or have the ability to move without assistance. I’ve been here almost a month and have come a long way from when I first came through the building. I am slowly gaining my movement back in both legs and can wheel myself up and down the halls. I can walk short distances without assistance and I’m happy to say I have met a friend on this journey. I’m happy to be going home to my family and friends.” – M. Crotty

“We thank you all for everything you’ve done for momma over the years. It’s like you all are family.” – Michael R., Son of Resident.

“I’m glad that I have a place to come when I need it. I’ve been to Bethany several times and it’s the only place I request to go.” – Carolyn M.

“I’m very happy living here. All of the people are so nice and we have a wonderful time when we leave to go out on outings.” – Mary P.

“I really like it here. I’ve been other places and this place really is top notch. I appreciate all that you all do for me.” – Steven S.

“I’m very grateful to be back at Bethany with such a wonderful staff. I look forward to getting stronger and better again.” – B. Daly

“I love y’all, that’s why I came back when I needed to have therapy.” – W. Brown

“This is one of the best places I’ve ever been, I love it here.” – M. Simmons

“We appreciate all the love and care that you (Bethany staff) gave our dad and continue to give our mom. We feel like we have gained 100+ more family members.” – The Putman Family

“We’re so glad that granny has gotten better and stronger since she’s been doing therapy again. She’s stronger and moving in the right direction. We are thankful for the staff here at Bethany.” – Ina & John R.

“I’ve never had any issues with being here at Bethany, everyone is so nice and helpful here.” – Linda N.

“You’re all just so sweet (staff at Bethany). You’re just a gift from God.” – Charlotte R.

“You’ve got a great place here, especially the therapy department. I’ve gotten so much better since I’ve been able to put weight on my leg.” – Steven S.

“When mom got sick, we soon realized that she needed more care than the family could provide. She spent her last days at Bethany Health Care. Our family cannot adequately tell you what loving, compassionate care she received from everyone who worked with her. We will always be grateful to them.” -Peggy D.

“I was very pleased with the nursing care and could not have asked for a better rehab team. They prepared me well for going back home. The food was also very good and dietary provided a wide range of choices.”-Barbara E.

“I don’t know of any place where I would find better services than at Bethany. I have been at many places but none as wonderful as Bethany.”-Lewis H.

“Bethany has great services. I had no complaints when I was there and I am doing well at home now thanks to them.”
-Mitchell N.

“My mother-in-law has completed her rehab and has benefitted from her exercises. The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and show respect for their patients. They are loving and caring.” -Helen & Linda J.

“Bethany has always given my mom everything she needs whether for short term therapy or long term care as of now. Everything is always so clean and smells wonderful. Even with so many different doctors and care givers it’s always easy to obtain information about mom. I truly believe that this is the BEST home for her now; God Bless you all.”
-Emily S. R.