Leadership Profiles

The professional team designated to your individual care will include Physicians, Specialized Nursing teams(consisting of RNs, LPNs, C.N.A.s), Dieticians, Wound Care Specialists, Recreation Leaders, Social Workers, Respiratory Therapists, and more. These professionals will work together to make your stay both pleasant and rewarding.

Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing prides itself on the quality and caring of its staff. Our team members are always willing to go above and beyond to make your stay as rewarding as possible.


Administrator Chris Gustin, LNHA Administrator
Assistant Director of Nursing J’aime Rimer, LPN Assistant Director of Nursing
Director of Admissions Gabriela Moller Director of Admissions
Admissions Coordinator Maria Horton Admissions Coordinator
Director of Marketing Carmen Porter Director of Marketing
Director of Rehabilitation Faye Pryor Director of Rehabilitation
Director of Activities Kelly Harris Director of Activities
Care Transition Coordinator Katie Gibbons, RN Care Transition Coordinator
Director of Concierge Services Deaven Golding Director of Concierge Services
 Discharge Planner  Sativa “Starr” Smith  Discharge Planner 
Case Manager Hilda Addo Case Manager
Social Services Gina Farris Social Services
Staff Development Coordinator Casey Bennett, LPN Staff Development Coordinator
Director of Environmental Services Hatai Tongkumkul Director of Environmental Services
1st Floor Nurse Manager Brenda Johnson, LPN 1st Floor Nurse Manager
2nd Floor Nurse Manager Brandie Barlow, LPN 2nd Floor Nurse Manager
Clinical Wound Team Jennifer Hope-Higman Clinical Wound Team
Registered Dietician Allain Sossaman Registered Dietician
Director of Human Resources Sabrina James Director of Human Resources
Director of Social Services Steve Swearengin Director of Social Services
Dietary Manager Marvis Murphy Dietary Manager
Director of Central Supply Jennifer Jarrell Director of Central Supply
Director of Facility Services Marcu Floarea Director of Facility Services
 Community Pet Therapist Uno Community Pet Therapist