Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q4 2023)

Concierge: Emily Morgan
Patient Name: Ms. Carr
Patient Age: 66
Admission Date: 07-06-2023
Admitted From: Southern Hills
D/C Date: January 2024
D/C Location: Home
Length of Stay: 180 Days
Reason for stay: Ms. Carr was admitted to Southern Hills with a bacterial infection and required additional therapy before discharging home.
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Ms. Carr was familiar with Bethany Center because her mother was a previous patient of ours. She was very pleased with her care so when she found herself in the position of needing additional support, she knew that Bethany was the best option!


Details of experience:

Ms. Carr was admitted to Bethany from Southern Hills at the beginning of July due to a bacterial infection that caused extreme weakness. Upon admission, she was greeted by the admission nurse, who assisted her to her room and helped her settle in. Shortly after, the Director of Concierge Services met with Ms. Carr and completed her Admission Evaluation. During the evaluation, she shared that her goal was to simply be healthy again.

She was beginning the brave journey of relearning many daily skills and knew that Bethany was the perfect place to assist her in doing so. Our highly trained therapy team knew a combination of PT, OT, and her amazing attitude would ensure she met these goals. After evaluation, they put her on a treatment plan where she participated in either a 45 or 53-minute therapy session, 5 days a week. While there, they worked together on sit-to-stand, rowing, and stair machines, getting in and out of a wheelchair unassisted, walking, and more.

This treatment plan did just the trick, as Ms. Carr stated that after only one month into her stay at Bethany, she began making significant progress and has continued getting stronger every day since! Ms. Carr attributes her success to her therapy team: Eric (PT) and Ariel (OT). Ms. Carr also recalled fond memories and excellent care during her time at Southern Hills. She specifically mentioned the incredible nurses led by her team of doctors: Dr. Rose, Dr. Osborne, and Dr. Cerevone.

Ms. Carr has kept her incredible attitude throughout her six-month stay. Her nurses described leaving every conversation with her with a smile on their faces. When asked what she is most excited about after discharge, she said, “Sitting down, eating a nice cheeseburger, and catching up with her family.”

Ms. Carr will certainly be missed by all of us at the Bethany Center! She came to us as a patient and is most certainly leaving us as a friend to many. We wish her nothing but the best and hope for many wonderful times to come with her sister and niece upon her return home!