Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q1 2024)

Concierge: Emily Morgan
Patient Name: Ms. Debby
Patient Age: 69
Admission Date: 01-08-2024
Admitted From: Williamson Medical Center
D/C Date: 03-24-24
D/C Location: Home
Length of Stay: 75 Days
Reason for stay: Ms. Debby was admitted to Williamson Medical Center for a below-the-knee amputation and required therapy before discharging home.
How did you hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Before Ms. Debby’s discharge from the hospital, she was given a list of reputable skilled nursing communities in the area. She settled on Bethany Center due to our positive reputation of excellent patient care and our partnership with the Amputee Walking School.


Details of experience:

Ms. Debby was admitted to Bethany at the beginning of January from Williamson Medical Center after a below-the-knee amputation completed by the renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Fleser. Upon admission, she was greeted by the admission nurse, who assisted her to her room and helped her settle in. Shortly after, the Director of Concierge Services, Emily, met with Ms. Debby and completed her Admission Evaluation. During the evaluation, she shared that her goal was to gain enough strength to return home to her daughter. At this time, Emily also set up a visit with Todd Shaffhauser and Dennis Oehler, founders of the Amputee Walking School and the driving force behind CareRite’s Comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program. Todd and Dennis have mentored over 30,000 amputees worldwide and were eager to assist Ms. Debby on her personal journey. Our team knew a combination of PT, OT, and the unwavering support from our caretakers would ensure she would return home having met her goals. After evaluation, they put her on a treatment plan where she participated in either a 45 or 53-minute therapy session five days a week. While there, they worked together on sit-to-stand, getting in and out of a wheelchair unassisted, transfers, and more.

This treatment proved itself to be effective, as Ms. Debby began making significant progress shortly into her stay. She attributed this success to her therapy team, Eric (PT) and Jonathan (COTA), who she described as patient and kind. Ms. Debby appreciated how they explained each therapy movement to her, allowing her to visualize how they improved her overall strength and got her closer to her goals. She also discussed how Todd and Dennis gave her a whole new perspective on life as an amputee. She stated that not only were they highly informative, but their visit also allowed her to see and understand how fantastic life can and will be, regardless of her recent amputation.

Shortly before her discharge, the Director of Concierge Services met with Ms. Debby to discuss her stay. She could not help but get emotional as they recalled all the progress she had made since her admission a couple of months prior. Ms. Debby revealed she could hardly remember her first few days at Bethany due to the state she was in upon admission, and now she sat up with a smile on her face, discussing how prepared she felt to return home. Her initial goal was not just met but actually exceeded.

We will miss seeing Ms. Debby every day but look forward to our reunion, as she promised to come back and visit as a friend, rather than a patient. Her bravery and strength left a lasting impression on many and we wish her nothing but the best on her next journey!