Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q1 2023)

Concierge: Deaven Golding
Patient Name: Carla
Patient Age: 55
Admission Date: 12/9/2022
Admitted From: Southern Hills Hospital
D/C Date: TBD
D/C Location: Home to her apartment
Reason for stay: Respiratory failure, increased falls-resulted in minor head injury, needing therapy with prosthetic from recent amputation.
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Carla has been a patient at Bethany Center previously and requested to come back.


Details of experience:

Carla had been experiencing increased respiratory issues and falling frequently at home. Her most recent fall resulted in a minor head injury and she was admitted to Southern Hills for a 4 night stay. She has prior diagnosis of COPD and other respiratory issues. In October of 2022, Carla had her lower right leg amputated cased by her diabetes. She shares she has been learning how to navigate life with one leg and still trying to remain independent.

Carla was admitted to Bethany Center on 12/9/2023 for her head injury, respiratory failure and therapy to assist with her prosthesis. In October of 2022, Carla was a patient at Bethany Center immediately following her amputation so she was already familiar with the community and some of the staff members. Upon admission, she was greeted by our care transition coordinator nurse and her shift nurse for the day. The care transition coordinator completed the initial admission evaluation. Following the nurse, the Director of Concierge Services greeted Carla and presented her with a welcome bag and welcome book. The concierge completed her admission evaluation and was speaking with Carla about her goals during her stay here. Carla stated “I have had a rough few months with my amputation and learning how to do things on my own but I am glad to be back at Bethany to help me get stronger”.

On the second day of Carla’s stay, she was assessed by our highly trained therapy team and determined she would benefit from physical and occupational therapy. Carla participated in therapy 5x a week for about 45 minutes a day. Her main goal was to return home, be independent and be comfortable with her prosthetic on her own. During her initial therapy assessment she was using her wheelchair for mobility, couldn’t transfer without assistance, and struggled putting her prosthetic leg on. Carla was very excited to start her therapy journey and “get back on her feet” as she would say. Some of her treatment included strengthening exercises, balance while wearing the prosthetic, chair exercises, and personal hygiene tasks.

In February, Carla received a visit from our Comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program guys, Todd and Dennis. They came to visit her and discuss her use with her prosthetic, observe her putting on the leg and taking it off, discuss therapy treatment and offer any advice as they are amputees as well. Carla was ecstatic about their visit and shared with them how motivating they were for her.

Following their visit, Carla wanted to put her prosthetic on more and more. She is now able to put on her prosthetic herself and stand with it on for longer than she ever has. Carla has taken a few steps with it on with assistance from her therapist. She is reaching a lot of her goals such as transferring with minimal assistance, performing hygiene tasks on her own and more. Her therapy team is still working with her on ambulating with the prosthetic leg but she is getting stronger every day!