Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (November 2021)

Director Concierge: Deaven Golding
Patient Age: 82
Admission Date: 10/12/2021
Admitted From: Select Specialty Hospital
D/C Date: 11/12/2021
D/C Location: Home
Reason for Stay: She was admitted to the hospital for COVID and pneumonia and admitted to Bethany for rehab after being hospitalized. Lori was admitted to Bethany for generalized weakness.
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Her case manager at the hospital referred her to Bethany Center, and our marketer visited her in the hospital with more information.

Details of Experience:

Lori was admitted to the hospital with complaints of hypoxia, shortness of breath, and a high fever. She had tested positive for COVID and later was diagnosed with pneumonia. While in the hospital, she was treated with several medications received high-flow oxygen and breathing treatments. Her hospital stay lasted 20 days or so. According to Lori, she received some therapy while in the hospital, but not enough to make a difference.

Lori was welcomed to Bethany Center on the evening of October 12th. The admissions team greeted her with a smile and assisted her with getting settled into her room. The care transition coordinator completed her admission paperwork and assisted her with any questions upon admission. The concierge greeted Lori with a welcome bag and completed her admission evaluation the following day. Lori also met her amazing therapy team to evaluate her to set her personalized goals. She was very excited to start her therapy journey and “get back on her feet.”

Our highly trained therapy team created personalized goals for Lori; some of those included performing functional transfers while maintaining good oxygen saturation, sustaining good balance, standing for up to/longer than 6 minutes, ambulating more than 15 feet, and ascending/descending four stairs. Lori knew this would be a big assignment, and she would need to work hard.

She shared some of her hobbies included traveling, reading, doing crafts, and being outdoors. All she wanted to do was get better, return home, and do her favorite things. Occupational and physical therapy sessions happened 6x a week for up to one hour periods. Lori stayed positive and persistent during her therapy sessions. She stated, “some days were harder than others, and I wanted to give up, but I kept telling myself to keep going.” After her therapy sessions, the concierge often rewarded her with a sweet treat and her favorite drink!

After just over a week, she was already able to stand for up to 4 minutes, ambulate 21 feet and keep her oxygen saturation up! Being the positive person she is, Lori kept pushing and progressing and finally met her goals! Her therapists shared how wonderful she was doing in therapy, and they knew she would make a full recovery.

Nearing her discharge date of 11/12, therapy gathered some information on at-home exercises and ensured she had all the needed equipment. The concierge met with her to discuss her discharge plans, and Lori shared, “I am so thankful for Bethany and all the wonderful people who took care of me. I wouldn’t be where I am today with y’all”.

We wish Lori the best on her return home!