Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (February 2019)

Patient’s Age: 58-years-old
Admission Date: 02/04/2019
Admitted From: St. Thomas West Hospital
Discharge Date: 03/03/2019
Discharged To: Private Home
Length of Stay: 26 days
Reason for Stay: Influenza A, Pneumonia
How did patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Case Manager

Details of Experience:

On Christmas day, while fellowshipping with family and friends, Mrs. Crotty started experiencing shortness of breath and a high-temperature fever. She was transported to the hospital, underwent intubation, and was placed on a ventilator. She then fell into a coma and woke up five weeks later in ICU. Test results revealed that she had the flu, pneumonia, diabetes and a list of other concerning health co-morbidities.

Once Mrs. Crotty was stable, she was then transferred to continue clinical care at Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. When she arrived at the community, she was greeted by the Bethany team members and was quickly made right at home.

Despite the community’s eagerness to get her going with her treatment plan, she was mentally not motivated for self-care tasks and refused to participate. She was depressed and was confused about her recent medical complications, diagnosis, and current status. In addition to her depression, she displayed anxiety; she isolated herself from others, presented as discouraged, and rejected and refused medical treatment while ignoring medical advice.

Due to her lack of unwillingness to participate in her treatment plan, a care plan meeting was developed to discuss how to enhance her quality of life and how to accomplish her goal of returning home. This plan included more interaction and supportive help from her husband who agreed to increase his visits and support. With this new layer of encouragement and support, this encouraged Mrs. Crotty’s participation in therapy, activities, and more socialization. It was a slow process in rethinking and reconstructing
her goals, but she pushed herself and started making a great recovery.

Five times a week for four weeks, Mrs. Crotty underwent treatment by our therapy team, where she was evaluated and then treated for balance, re-education of bed mobility, self care/home management training, wheelchair mobility training and participated in exercise that helped restore and build her physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and satiability.

She has gained the ability to successfully use her wheelchair to transport up and down the halls. On several occasions, Mrs. Crotty would participate in our daily activities. She developed a strong passion to be supportive of our residents and continues to tell her story in hopes of inspiring others.

On the day of her discharge, Mrs. Crotty left with home health care set up for continuous evaluation treatment and skilled nursing for four weeks. Mrs. Crotty arrived at Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing with no desire to get better, which is not uncommon for those who have suffered a setback and have to endure a rehabilitation journey.

She is now leaving with a team of supporters which includes our Bethany Center staff and residents. During her journey, she made a new friend with a resident in our community. The staff at Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing is sending best wishes. Mrs. Crotty has proven herself to be a very skilled individual who has the capability to do great things. Continue to make Bethany proud as you face new challenges and adventures – good luck!!