Case Study: Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q3 2023)

Concierge: Emily Morgan
Patient Name: Mr. C
Patient Age: 57
Admission Date: 5/22/2023
Admitted From: Southern Hills
D/C Date: TBD
D/C Location: Home
Length of Stay: 130 Days
Reason for stay: Carbon monoxide poisoning requiring additional therapy prior to discharge
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Mr. C’s mother researched local rehabilitation centers with good ratings and positive reviews. When she came across Bethany Center, she knew she had found the perfect fit for her son!


Details of experience:

Mr. C was admitted to Bethany at the end of May. Upon admission, he was greeted by the admission nurse, who assisted him in getting settled into his room. Shortly after, the Director of Concierge Services met with Mr. C and completed his Admission Evaluation. During the evaluation, he shared that his goal was to be able to walk again so he could go fishing and play with his beautiful grandchildren. Our highly trained therapy team knew a combination of PT and OT services would do the trick to get him back to the water and his grandchildren. They evaluated him and put him on a treatment plan where he participated in therapy six days a week. While there, they worked together on stretching exercises, sit-to-stand, range of motion, core work, and more.

This treatment plan proved effective, as Mr. C stood up for the first time since admission. Mr. C says this huge accomplishment would not have been possible without the help of his therapy team: Nagi, Tyler, Jonathan, and Nadia. The support from his nursing staff, Ashley, Grace, Tony, and Christen, who he describes as “always going above and beyond” regarding his care, also made this possible and set him up for further success in the future.

Mr. C is best known by staff for his positive attitude and the awesome throwback music he plays while riding around the community in his motorized wheelchair. He says the best part of his day is participating in the many activities offered at Bethany Center. His favorites include bowling, bingo, and the various themed parties hosted monthly. He is also thankful to the previous and current Director of Concierge Services, Deaven and Emily, for ensuring the conversation flows, and his favorite snacks are always stocked as fuel for his journey!

Mr. C ended our most recent conversation by saying those who take care of him are not only his staff but also his friends. We are all so proud of our friend, Mr. C, and wish him the absolute best moving forward.